The Rehabilitation System Is On Converting Criminals On Productive Members Of Society

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The rehabilitation system focuses on converting criminals to productive members of society. While there is a certain level of punishment in being forced to go through such a system, the goal is conversion, not revenge. This leads to a more moral society where those being released are less dangerous and less likely to return to prison. A rehabilitation system’s goal is to reintegrate every inmate back into society. A life sentence is a death sentence, and a death sentence helps no one. One Norwegian prisoner, in an interview with Vice News, stated: “If you want people to change their behavior you need to give them the opportunity to change” (Vice, 2014). This is the problem with the prison system in America today. People have to become productive members of society in spite of the system, not because of it. The burden is on the prisoner to reintegrate him or herself. Society has a vested interest in the prisoner succeeding, so it is in society 's best interest to give the inmate the resources they need in order to reintegrate. These resources can be anything from job training, to further education or extensive counseling. But the main difference between a rehabilitation system and a penal system is the use of prisons.
The use of a solitary prison cell is an outdated tool. Prisons cells were developed to “give inmates the time and solitude they needed to pray, study the Bible, contemplate their misdeeds and do penance for them” (Roberts, N.D.). The very design of early
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