The Reid Technique, By John E. Reid

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The Reid technique, developed by John E. Reid, has been a widely used technique in acquiring confessions from suspected criminals. While many users of the Reid technique have praised it, calling it "the best interrogation procedure" (Rodgers, 2015), the Reid technique has come under fire from several critics, claiming that it risks "obtaining inherently unreliable confessions" (Gallini 2009). The purpose of this essay will be to critically discuss the impact of the Reid technique, and its use by police officers to obtain confessions. It is important to discuss the Reid technique as it has recently received criticism for its use in obtaining false confessions from suspects, especially children or those with a lower IQ. Firstly, this essay will focus on the positive impacts of the Reid technique, and how it can be used as an effective method of interrogation in order to get a confession from a suspect. Furthermore, this essay will then state the negative impacts of using the Reid technique, and how it use has been involved in several false confessions. Finally, this essay will then state a possible alternative to the Reid technique in the PEACE interrogation technique, which has been used with great success in many countries. Overall, this essay will argue that while the Reid technique does have positive impacts, there are more suitable alternatives to interrogating suspects. The Reid technique seeks to "evaluate a person 's truthfulness independent from a polygraph

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