The Reign Of God 's Kingdom

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During the preaching and the teachings of Jesus, Jesus never stopped to mention about the Kingdom of God. According to various writings about Jesus’ perspective on the reign of God’s Kingdom, it is clear that Jesus portrays a particular set of characteristics that provide his clear perspective about the reign of God. These characteristics are mostly exhibited through most of his preaching to different gatherings. Although most of the characteristics are hidden within his message to the people, a closer analysis definitely brings them out in a literal picture. Jesus exhibits the characteristic of dynamism towards the reign of the Kingdom of God. Although the term dynamic has different meanings in different contexts, it is clear that al these meanings settle to one of the contents of Jesus’ preaching. Basically, dynamism reflects about something that does not come to an end. Similarly, it may also reflect about something that is yet to come (Lohfink & Maloney, 25). According to Lohfink and Maloney, it is clear that the concept of the reign of God existed since the beginning and in the Old Testament times. However, the concept is referred to in the future every time it is mentioned indicating that it is something that exists but more of it is yet to come. During his teachings, Jesus encouraged people to repent and turn to God because his reign is everlasting (Lohfink & Maloney, 25). Jesus also shows the characteristic of expectation in most of his preaching about the reign of
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