The Reign Of The Roman Empire

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After the reign of the Roman Empire had come to an end, Europe was faced with many shortcomings, and as if their continuous belligerence in war was not enough, they were also faced with an extreme scarcity of food and a plethora of fatal diseases. However amidst these troubles it was apparent they still housed some great men and women who will one day rise up to be the ones to deliver their homeland from the wicked hands of their troubles. These bold men and women whom will eventually lead Europe to their long awaited glorious redemption. The roman empire suffered invasions after invasions as franks , Saxons, Goths and other enemies ravaged through their city in the fifth century. These invaders launched mass attacks and took whatever they wanted from the deteriorating Roman Empire, leaving the once great Rome in nothing but shambles. After they had finished their barbaric activities, they then sought to more enticing locations to continue their doings, leaving Rome violated and destitute. In desperate need of protection from further invasion, the people of Rome formulated a mutualistic system called the feudal system. Feudalism has several definitions, but the one we would talk about is that of which was associated with Western Europe. The people invented this system in hopes that it would provide a solution for both parties that had one way or the other been victims of the fallen empire. These two parties involved members of the higher class and

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