The Reign of Amenhotep Iii

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Ancient History Essay – Amenhotep III The thirty-eight-year reign of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Amenhotep III was a period of unparalleled stability and wealth in the history of the New Kingdom. During the reign of Amenhotep III, Egypt grew to be the world’s “Super Power,” and had great influence on a large scale. The key features of his reign included: * His use of scarabs * His marriage to Queen Tiye * His relationship with other Kings and the Amarna Letters * His religious ideology * His building projects One significant reason that made Amenhotep III such a distinguished pharaoh was his use of propaganda to influence and manipulate peoples’ thoughts, such as his use of stone scarabs which have been discovered. Their…show more content…
In addition to the worship of Amun-Re, Queen Tiye became heavily associated with the Aten, a form of the sun god. Amenhotep also encouraged the increasing worship of this god. The pair named their eldest daughter Baketaten, which means “servant of the Aten.” Along with the naming of their daughter, Amenhotep showed his devotion to the Aten by naming the ship he built for Queen Tiye “The Aten Gleams,” as well as paying for Tiye’s shrine to the Aten. Later, the successor and son of Amenhotep, known as Ahkenaten, promoted the solitary worship of this god. Amenhotep III poured enormous resources into his building projects. One of his best known monuments is the Mortuary temple which was made of white sandstone and decorated with gold and silver. It also consisted of a number of royal statues made from a variety of expensive stones. At the front of the temple stood two colossal statues of the pharaoh, known best as the Colossi of Memnon, a name given by the Greeks in relation to a Greek hero. In addition to these great monuments, Amenhotep’s palace at Malkata was possibly his most fascinating structure, made from mud-brick and wood. The palace was decorated with astonishing paintings, moulded cornices, glazed tiles and painted floors. Close to the palace of Malkata, Amenhotep constructed a vast harbour with a canal that lead to the Nile. The pharaoh was also kind to the gods, he
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