The Reign of Terror

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The Reign of Terror was a time during the French Revolution hundreds of thousands of people were executed by various means: guillotine, shot, and drowned. The Committee of Public Safety, lead by Maximilien de Robespierre, were in charge of these executions, and with the job of finding anti-revolutionaries forces. Many thought that what Robespierre was doing would just lead to a greater anti-revolution movement, which would in turn increase the number of executions. Others did not take action against the terror; for fear that they themselves might be executed. Those who were still loyal to the revolution saw the terror as a noble cause; they saw it as a way to rid France of anti-revolutionary forces. While the terror started as an …show more content…
As said by the British Prime Minster, William Pitt, the French people are urged into the field by the fear of the guillotine. Most often the people would join the revolutionary army just to escape the wrath of the army (Doc14). Charles James Fox, A member of parliament and a sympathizer of the revolution, the leaders of the French people were “guilty of such unheard of crimes and cruelties.” The other countries were even able to recognize how the terror was nothing more than a way to fear the people into following the revolutionaries’ commands (Doc13). Louis Antoine, in a speech to the National Convention, talked about how the French peoples’ greatest mistake was thinking that concentration authority would save the state. He thought this was a mistake; because, the concentration of the authority lead to even more chaos within the terror (Doc5). Many did think that the revolutionaries in charge of the trials for anti-revolutionary cases were much disorganized and in disarray, as seen in this picture by an unknown artist who; most likely disagreed with the terror. The artist depicts a scene where a revolutionary committee is deliberating were or not a person is guilty. In the painting, you see many different uniforms for the people, no one is looking in the same direction, dogs are running around the room and the guards look almost

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