The Relation Between Economic Freedom And Political Freedom

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In this paper, I am going to talk about the relation between Economic Freedom and Political Freedom and also the Role of Government in a Free Society written by Milton Friedman. Many of us believe that politics and economics are separated and that individual’s freedom is a political problem and material welfare is an economic problem, but according to Friedman Political freedom and economics freedom are related. He believes that you cannot have one without the other, because taking an individual political freedom is actually depriving that individual from economic freedom. Without economic freedom there is no political freedom. In this chapter, Friedman argues that free economic is also a part of achieving freedom. Economic freedom itself is an end in itself because freedom in economic arrangement is itself a component of freedom. This was one of Friedman’s arguments supporting his believe that a free market economic is an extremely important part of total freedom. People against a free economic policy are also against liberty. Friedman believes that capitalism or economics freedom leads to and maintains democracy. According to Friedman, capitalism promotes freedom both directly and indirectly. Market freedoms are itself freedom and can also promote broader political freedoms. He also talked about how intellectuals believe that the freedom to do what one wants with their earned income is a paramount personal freedom. He also mentioned that capitalist economies are

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