The Relation Between Job Satisfaction, Absenteeism, and Employee Turnover

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Every organisation in the world today is putting a lot of efforts, time, and resources in the human management. As this is, an excepted reality that no organisation in the world can vie in this globalised world just on the mere basis of their product and services. In order for an organisation to be successful, it has to invest substantially into the domain of people skills, and their behaviour. Due to stressful working environment, many organisations loose employees due to lack of motivation, stress, lower employee job satisfaction and other contributing factors of behavioural sciences and psychology. All these factors have negative effects on the organisation and organizational behaviour simultaneously. Many experts are in concord that…show more content…
(Robbin S., Timothy J, 2011 p.65) ”employee with high level of job involvement strongly identify with and really care about the kind of work they do.” Those people accept challenges they learn new things, these things could be helpful for their future as well, after three month he feel that he is working same every day, customers are asking the same question so he decided to talk to Billy about some change. (Robbin S., Timothy J, 2011) According to Hierarchy of needs theory, when once step of the hierarchy is satisfied substantially the next one becomes dominant so in order to motivate someone one need to understand what level of the hierarchy that person is currently on focusing on that one must satisfy the needs at or above that level. After that, Ted invited Billy for drink after work and he said to Billy now he is ready to go ahead to become his business partner. And he said to Billy now he understand the work and business, and he is getting bored to do same work every day and serve same customers, he said now he wants to involve in business management, furthermore he told to Billy we both know that you were lucky so you have got the work compensation on the other hand I was unlucky that unfortunately I could not get that work
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