The Relation Between Poverty And Child Abuse

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In addition, Views on social class range from poverty in forms such as inadequate housing, low income, poor health and impoverished communities (Hyslop, 2016). Families who are socially or economically marginalised are commonly ethnic minorities, Indigenous and those who are underclass poor are misrepresented (Perry, 2012). A key factor in child abuse lies in the high risk family situation the children may be living in. The cause of risky family environments can be a result of socio-economic pressure which can impact the families as well as failing as a caregiver or personal characteristics. Hyslop (2016), states maltreatment of children can be solved if families are located and monitored frequently, but in other cases their child or children can be put into care in the result of this. Social workers are seen to have a big influence on the subsequent outcomes. If the maltreatment is related to socio-economic disadvantage it can be seen as a control mechanism rather than a strategy for social change. The Minister of Social Development states “poverty is no excuse for abuse” (2012).
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