The Relation Of Valuation Theory And Organizational Change

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INTRODUCTION Organization change is due to the dramatic increase of competition in the world. A few of the companies will survive in these competitive world and others will fail or make any reorganization plan to sustain. In order to manage the changes in organization effectively the managers must have to understand the various forces either external or internal forces and plans an appropriate time to implement it efficiently otherwise it will affect the entire organization system. When a change occurs it will affect the entire system because the routine things which are doing for the last years are going to change. The important factor in an organization is the human resources i.e. the employees. They may resist or adapt the change depends…show more content…
Valuation theory is coined by Hermans related with a Self- Confrontation Method (SCM). This method helps to understand the nature of organizational life and also used as a tool for organizational change. Individuals and groups in an organization perceives organizational change in different ways and also interpret it in a different manner, therefore the valuations between these individuals and organizational groups also varies. In order to avoid these differences an organization uses Valuation Theory and the associated SCM method to facilitate organizational change for organizational leaders. SCM is an approach which helps the managers to overview the organizational culture and focusing on the valuations that brought to the workplace. The attitude of members in an organization towards an organizational change influenced by the understanding and interpreting their change experiences. The success of an organizational change depends upon the shared understanding, acceptance, rejection or uncertainty of members in an organization. Hence the Valuation Theory helps to access and understand the deeper interpretations, perceptions, belief and values held by the
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