The Relational Skills Of Effective Leadership Of Exhortation

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On Eze-Owelle Stool in Nimo and Leadership in General
I have been approached by several individuals who have shared their desires to be the Eze-Owelle of Nimo. As someone who was there at the beginning and supported the late Owelle- Okafor-Agilo and played a major role in his ascendancy to the Owelle Stool. His humility was beyond reproach and unequaled. And that was what drew me to him and sustained our relationship for over 26 years. He was a leader of immense humility. His loss was a big blow to Nimo, It is so sad that his legacy is now mired in controversy which I believe he would have abhorred.
In view of the many calls for me to comment on this important subject matter, let me begin by saying that Leadership in my understanding is an art consisting of skills that are studied, practiced and mastered. Among these, the relational skills of effective leadership of exhortation must be cultivated in a way that spurs others on to higher levels of achievement by turning them into leaders- accomplishing extraordinary things by enabling others to act. A leader must be open and willing to respond to correction as a critical component of their character.
Considering the situation Nimo is in at this present time, I think it is proper to ask ourselves, what qualities must we expect of our Nimo leaders or of anyone who sets their eyes on ascending the Eze-Owelle Na Nimo stool?
First of all, it should not be about what they do, and not about who they are. It must not be about outward

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