The Relations Between China And The United States

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Dear President Brad Bowers, I am sure you are aware of all the current issues that the nation faces. As a Historian, for the Office of the Presidential Council of Historians (OPCH), my duty is to inform you on how historical events can help you understand and possibly solve current issues. The long history of trade between the United States of America and China and the other nations of the South China Sea is well known. In many cases, there have been strong tensions between the countries in this area and the US. The tensions of the past are especially true for relations between China and the US. The relationship troubles have shown up in the news again as recently as Feb. 19th. In an article for USA Today, Thomas Maresca reports that the…show more content…
Moreover, some explorers believed that a quicker route could be found by sailing west. One such explorer was Christopher Columbus. However, many of the scholars believed the distance traveling west was much further than Columbus predicted. Due to the scholars’ advice to the leaders of Portugal and England Columbus would be denied funding from those leaders. Nonetheless, Columbus would find support from Ferdinand and Isabella, the Monarchs of Spain. Columbus’ expedition happened in 1492, 5 years earlier than da Gama’s (“Christopher Columbus”). The expedition was not considered as successful, as da Gama’s, in the sense that the expedition came nowhere near the East Indies. In another way, it was considered successful because Columbus discovered new territory for Spain. The New World that Columbus discovered was in what we know as the Caribbean. During that period the islands of the region would become known as the West Indies. At one time, it was popular belief that Columbus discovered America. However, we now know this to not be true. Many of the islands that Columbus came across already had natives living on them. Moreover, he was not the first European to come across to the Americas. Nonetheless, the exploration of this area set off a series of trips by different explorers, particularly of the Spanish fleet, further into the new world. The Spanish would enslave the natives of the lands that they came across. The Spanish needed this
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