The Relations Between Syria And Lebanon

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The post 9/11 world has bought about huge changes throughout the Middle East and many countries are experiencing challenges unprecedented since the end of the Second World War. United States foreign policy, the rise of Islamic fundamentalism, and the geopolitical struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia throughout the Middle East has made the region politically unstable and ripe with conflict and human suffering. This dire situation is a great example of how interconnected the relationships of Middle Eastern countries are and how these relations often disseminate out and affect the region as a whole. As such, an analysis of the bilateral relations between two Middle Eastern countries allows us to partly understand how, when given historical context, this situation came to be and what factors influence these relationships.
The bilateral relationship between Syria and Lebanon provides a great and unique analysis of the factors that influence relationships between Middle Eastern states because of their shared but complicated history. Both these countries used to be one in the same up until the early twentieth century and their relations have gone through various evolutionary stages that have had a greater political impact on the region altogether. In this paper I will examine the relationship between Syria and Lebanon and seek to explain the key factors that influence this relationship.
The current relationship between Syria and Lebanon has largely been defined by the civil war
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