The Relations Of Two Governments

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Trey L. Cummings Prof. Gordon PS 110 14 Feb. 2016 Relations of Two Governments Since the beginning of days in American society, there has been a common vision to build a community with structure, while compromising with the liberties of its population. Promoting the creation of laws to drive the United States into a civilized, and more sustainable home for its natives. One of the biggest internal challenges throughout U.S history has been the balance of power between big government and little government. Referring to state authority and federal authority. It has also seen one of the biggest growths in government in world history. The U.S.A has crafted a region in which the people have become as equally involved with politics, as the government officials are. With the people’s vote mattering more than ever, power of the Government, both Federal and State, have leveled out. Finding a common ground, even with Federals superiority over States ruling. Though the two may not always agree, the improvement that America has made with their government has met milestones. It is amazing to think about how it all started with the Articles of Confederation, some 200 years ago. In 1776, thirteen colonies declare their independence from Great Britain, naming themselves the United States of America. Even at America’s earliest stage they feared too much taxation, too many internal conflicts and battles, and most of all big government. With the 13 colonies just now parting ways with Great
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