The Relationship Between A Job And Exercise Essay

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The Relationship Between a Job and Exercise:
The Evaluation of a Popular Article and a Scholarly Article

Samantha Williams

General Psychology - PSY 1010
Professor Morrison
14 November, 2016 1. Structural Differences When compared to scholarly articles, popular articles are always watered down versions of the scientific data within the scholarly article. Such is the case for Alice Park’s “Why Your Job Affects How Much You Exercise” and the study Occupational Differences Among Employed Adults Who Met 2008 Federal Guidelines for Both Aerobic and Muscle-strengthening Activities: United States, 2008-2014 by Debra Blackwell and Tainya Clarke. Noticeably, the scholarly article appears to be formatted in APA format and was conducted under the supervision of two doctors. The popular article, in comparison, was written in no particular format by a journalist for a large magazine company. Along with this, the scholarly article utilizes multiple operational definitions in regards to what type of exercise they are observing, yet the popular article simply presents vague and brief descriptions of what the study had looked at.
Going deeper into the texts, one finds that the scholarly article uses the terms leisure-time physical activity (which they abbreviate to LTPA), however, the popular article has a striking lack of these terms. Thirdly, the popular article only talks about how different occupations and education affect the amount of physical activity that a
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