The Relationship Between A Platonic Friendship

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Reactions in Relations
Context is defined as, “Everything that affects a relationship outside of the couple and their interactions; includes side of couple and their interactions; includes physical, social, cultural, and historical elements” (Ch.11 Bradbury, T. N. & Karney, B. R. (2014). In relation to intimate relationships, these interactions can have a greater impact on the relationship than a platonic friendship. The Bradbury and Karney describes the implementation of these ideals by focusing on the couple’s environments, those that are closely aligned with the couple directly. Living conditions being closely involved with the couple, versus global conditions, which may or may not a have a direct effect on the couple, the interactions that have an immediate impact on a couple can determine the satisfaction or success of the relationship. Relationships are the foundation of human interaction, the content and dynamics of a relationship and the individuals involved depicts human nature and an understanding of human life and conflict.
As stated in chapter 11, distal context is, “Elements in the environment that are removed from a couple and affect them indirectly; for example, the social and cultural contexts within which relationships form and develop” (Ch.11 Bradbury, T. N. & Karney, B. R. (2014). Distal context, allows couples to survive in spite of the environments around them. Couples may be unaware of how day-to-day cultural or historical events influences their…
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