The Relationship Between Aerobic Capacity And The Level Of Fitness Of Anaerobic Exercise

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THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN AEROBIC CAPACITY AND THE LEVEL OF FITNESS OF ANAEROBIC EXERCISE IN YOUNG ADULTS BY COMPARING THE MEAN CHANGE IN PULSE RATE AND THE NUMBER OF PUSH-UPS Introduction Cells undergo respiration which produces adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for energy to support daily activities of human. There are two forms of respiration, namely aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic respiration uses oxygen as a reagent in order to produce a higher amount of ATP, yet requiring a longer time. On the contrary, anaerobic respiration generates a higher amount of ATP per unit time, but leads to acidosis which hinders the continuous supply of energy. The mode of respiration depends on the duration and intensity of muscular activity. Muscles used for…show more content…
This is of utmost importance as the effects on cardiovascular system can be determined and subsequently, acting as an indicator for the overall health of a young adult. The aim of the present study is to investigate the influence of aerobic capacity to the level of fitness of anaerobic exercises. In the following experiment, subjects are requested to perform push-ups and step-ups. The anaerobic level of fitness is determined by the maximum number of push-ups done by the individuals whereas the aerobic capacity is indicated by the change in pulse rates. It is hypothesized that subjects with higher aerobic capacity will be more anaerobically fit (HA), whereas the null hypothesis is that subjects with higher aerobic capacity will not be more anaerobically fit (Ho) Methods Refer to the School of Biological Science (2015) Results In this experiment, the participants are classified into two groups, one with less than 20 push-ups (n=37) and the other with 20 or more push-ups
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