The Relationship Between Alice And Her Family

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Alice has an overbearing mother who is very critical of her. This has obviously put a strain on their relationship. Though much of the dynamics did not play out on screen it was implied that a rocky relationship exists between Alice and her mother whereas the opposite was true between her and her father. Alice has a lot of internalized frustration and anguish over her relationship with her parents and her family, especially Michael. She drinks to suppress her true feelings and control her anxiety as much as possible. The family as a whole is really struggling with boundaries and this is leading to triangulation. These are normal patterns of a dysfunctional family. No one in the Green family had a clear identity (not even Amy, the nanny; her role should have been clearly defined). These are signs of diffused boundaries and enmeshment. Each member was stuck in the same position and there was no room for individual growth and freedom until they went to treatment.
Alice’s alcohol dependency has impacted her family greatly. Michael feels inadequate because he can’t fix his family’s problems. He believes that all problems are fixable and since he is the man in house, it is his job to protect his family and fix his wife. Fixing is what drives this family. It shows the dysfunction in the family when they look away and avoid conflict rather than dealing with it head-on. Generally Michael is doing the fixing and believes that by “fixing” the problems they can move on like nothing…
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