The Relationship Between Animals And Their Behavior Fits With Labeling Theory

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will be presented, as well as assumptions made about the theory. Furthermore is addressing the relations of the theory to the main character Nick and how his behavior fits with labeling theory. In addressing the movie Zootopia, something of great importance in relation to the movie to take into consideration is the relationship between animals. Something which used to be a problem between all animals until they all found a way to coexist peacefully. To illuminate to what, exactly, is the predator and prey relationship between the animals. However, it is made obvious throughout the movie that there is still tension between them, as well as a lack of trust between predators by the prey. Although the role of the main character Judy Hopps is vital for she plays a direct role as well as her parents who say that “foxes are the worst, it’s in their biology”. In labeling foxes in general as that as sly animals with nothing but foul intentions. Whether it was through her own personal experiences, like her encounter with Gideon grey, another fox who had bullied Judy and her friends growing up from her home town. Or through society’s outlook on them in general, since they have their own image and are known for being sly in addition to the fact that they are of the predator group (Spencer & Howard, Moore, 2016). Moreover, a perfect place to begin the movie is when Judy is about to leave and board a train to take her to Zootopia. In saying her goodbyes to her parents as they try to get
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