The Relationship Between Bisexuality And Its Effects On Men And Women

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Bisexuality is described as having romantic or sexual attraction to both males and females. This means that a bisexual woman can be attracted to either a man or a woman and have a meaningful relationship with either gender. Bisexuality can be transitional but it can also be a stable sexual orientation no different from lesbianism. With transitional bisexuality women typically experience attraction towards men and women but soon identify with either heterosexuality or lesbianism. Their bisexuality is merely a way for them to find out who they are and what they like. Stable bisexuality means that this is not a stage and it will not simply disappear with age. It is a sexuality with just as much stability as lesbianism, their attraction towards men and women will remain constant. Both types of bisexuality exist and are experienced by real women. Stable bisexuality is the more common type and most women who identify with it do not adopt a different sexuality with age. Simply because a bisexual woman may marry a man does not make her heterosexual and just because she may marry a woman does not make her a lesbian. Her sexuality remains the same because her attraction to both genders does not change. When concerning bisexuality and friendships there is a stigma that you cannot be a bisexual woman and be friends with a heterosexual woman because you will be attracted to them sexually. Typically when looking at friendships people tend to “choose friends who are similar to themselves

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