The Relationship Between Body Weight And Blood Pressure Essay

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The Relationship between Body Weight and Blood Pressure The hypothesis is to determine the Relationship between Body Weight and Blood Pressure. High blood pressure has been noted as one of the leading non-infectious diseases around the world. According to Abdulle A. and his research colleges, in their research they stated that high blood pressure contributes to an important and prevalent risk factor to cardiovascular disease. The research finding of Abdulle A. et al. quoted that “it appears from our study that one of the causes of this problem is the high level of obesity known to elevate the risk for cardiovascular diseases.” Harsh D. and Bray G. brought the attention of the Framingham Study showing that the participants of both sexes demonstrated increasing blood pressures with increased overweight. One of the earlier studies that contributed to health was “The Framingham Heart Study” the study was introduced on the research of health by studying the general causes of heart disease. According to Dr. William B. Kannel The Framingham Heart Study was developed in 1948, the objective of the study was to understand the factors of Cardio Vascular Disease by following its development with participants that have not yet developed overt symptoms of Cardio Vascular Disease. The research will fallow participants for a long period of time to record changes in towards their health. The researchers stated by Dr. Kannel recruited 5,209 men and women between the ages of 30 and 62 the
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