The Relationship Between Concussions And The Human Brain

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The purpose of this review paper is to learn about the relationship between concussions and the human brain. This is relevant because if people learn about concussions and are aware of the effects of a concussion, they may be more careful and avoid activities that could cause concussions.

A concussion is a trauma-induced change in mental status, which includes confusion and amnesia, and may cause someone to lose consciousness for a bit . It happens when the head hits or gets hit by an object or when the brain is struck against the skull with a strong force to cause temporary loss of functions. In addition, concussions can cause brain damage. Concussions can be caused from motor vehicle accidents or from playing sports like football.
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Marijuana has its strongest long-term impact on young users whose brains are developing and maturing. Researchers see a decline in verbal ability as well as general knowledge in children between ages 9-12. (National Institute on Drug Abuse August…show more content…
The research shows that concussions can cause people to lose consciousness and can have negative effects on the brain. Concussions could also lead to diseases like depression. In addition, I learned that the brain is made of three parts: forebrain, midbrain, and hindbrain. Some things that affect the brain includes not enough sleep, smoking, and stress. Information from previous experiments gives evidence for the relationship between the independent and dependent variable, since it shows how the dependent variable is affected by the independent variable.For example, the American Academy of Neurology has called for a ban on boxing. Boxers repeatedly get concussions over the course months or years, which can lead to increasing head injury. The cumulative brain injuries suffered by most boxers can lead to permanent brain damage.This gives evidence for my independent and dependent variable, because it shows that if someone repeatedly gets concussions, it could lead to brain
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