The Relationship Between Contemplation And Happiness

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In Book X, Aristotle writes about the relationship between contemplation and happiness (1177a12-18). He defines pleasure as the greatest and most important good, because pleasure can be lived at its finest stage and that is what makes it a good. Contemplation is the highest form of any activity because it happens constantly; it gives pleasure and is independent from other (. It does not stop or only happen for a very short time. It rather continues to happen. Further on, he talks about happiness and how it is related to pleasure and contemplation. Happiness is the goal of every person’s life and in relation to that the highest form of happiness is contemplation (1174b21-24). Contemplation is the finest form of happiness because it appears to us at our greatest capacities, at its greatest moment (1174b29-30). He distinguishes two part of contemplation: the rational and the intellectual (1177a14-16). These two distinguishes are what proves that humans and animals have some main differences. Humans have the ability to be rational and they have the capacity to be intellectual (1177a21-23).
Even though Aristotle mentions that contemplation brings happiness he later on mentions that it is hard for a human to achieve pleasure at its finest, at the right time and place, because such thing can only be accomplished by god. He talks about, happiness in relation to contemplation and then he says that god is the only one who can achieve happiness, through its highest form,…
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