The Relationship Between Copd And Congestive Heart Failure

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The Relationship of COPD and Congestive Heart Failure While most physical therapists will not solely work in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation position, all settings of physical therapy frequently treat patients suffering from co-morbidities in addition to the condition that they are prescribed for our care.1 Recognizing and understanding these co-morbidities is important to provide the most effective care to the patient while also decreasing the risk of predisposition to other health conditions.2,3 This is especially important when physical therapists are in a position of providing primary care by seeing patients under a direct access model.4 There are also times when multiple co-morbidities occur simultaneously which must be considered in a plan of care.5 It is important that the physical therapist always screens for co-morbidities, but essentially important when there is the presence of one co-morbidity that is commonly associated with another co-morbidity.3 The recognition of multiple conditions is critical because of the potential interaction that can occur between the different conditions. The presence of one or more conditions can also have a profound impact on treatment that they receive both through surgical and rehabilitative interventions. Co-morbidities can fall under multiple areas and body systems that each affect the patient in different ways. Respiratory and cardiovascular systems are particularly interrelated and can play a vital role in guiding the future
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