The Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethic at the Leadership Level of Companies

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What is corporate social responsibility (CSR)?

According to the ¡®Wikipedia¡¯ , ¡°Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a company s obligation to be accountable to all of its stakeholders in all its operations and activities with the aim of achieving sustainable development not only in the economical dimension but also in the social and environmental dimensions.¡±( retrieved:10/09/07); another definition is that ¡°CSR is about how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.¡± (mallenbaker, retrieved:10/09/07)

In another words, it is most likely to be described as the
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There 's nothing to say that a company that is highly socially responsible today may not become less so tomorrow. It 's a little like physical exercise.

why they share common characteristics in an organisational setting:
According to Ethics in Action, a Vancouver, BC, organization whose awards program recognizes socially responsible corporations, "Socially responsible companies consider the full scope of their impact on communities and the environment when making decisions, balancing the needs of stakeholders with their need to make a profit." Thus, the success and effect of a socially responsible company is measured according to its whole impact on all who are affected by or involved in its operations (a.k.a. stakeholders), not just by virtue of its size, revenues, profits, returns to financial investors, or social-responsibility campaign budgets.(Singhapakdi, A., "1996", pp.1131-40.)
The organization might actively seek to foster relationships and collaborative partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals within its community so that it is more likely to have the freedom to adopt and demonstrate such tenets of real social responsibility. Its guiding philosophy would be one of self-responsibility and mutual benefit.


Starbucks Coffee is one of the biggest and most lucrative coffee businesses.For more than 30 years, Starbucks has built
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