The Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Student Sucess

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The ability to think critically appears to be the solution in an ever-changing world where nothing can be taken on faith for too long. Critical thinking is a way of approaching ideas that aim to understand core, primary truths, not simply what is most obviously visible (Hooks, 2010). The purpose of this essay is to take an in depth look into how essential critical thinking is in a university environment towards student success. This essay will discuss how critical thinking effects academic performance, how it improves the likelihood of students remaining in university, how it compares to rote learning, the impact that learning critical thinking in a university environment has on future careers and society and how critical thinking empowers…show more content…
The relationship between thinking critically and student success was explored in the work of Birjandi and Bagherkazemi (2010) whose results supported the idea that acknowledging critical thinking skills improved student performance. The detachment from the existing concrete limits and diving into assumptions opens the door to multiple solutions, many of which will be correct and effective and will better enhance student understanding. A student who fails to see the importance of thinking critically may experience a number of barriers preventing them from performing academically to their full potential. Students in a university environment are still failing to realise that they must ask themselves: Why? And generate their own personal viewpoints on a matter to continue the evolution of human civilisation (Ganea, 2013). Critical thinking allows students to assess their learning styles, strengths and weaknesses, to take control of their own education rather than relying on lectures for guidance and instructions. A student for example, may write a reflection about the performance on a previous assignment – what they performed well on, whether it corresponded with the rubric, what could have been done better. This allows them to objectively view their performance to actively set goals for the next assignment. According to

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