The Relationship Between Culture And Culture

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Tóhaŋni waŋžíla iyápi iyóhi šni! In Lakota translation means “one language is never enough.” Language can be viewed as a verbal expression of culture. It is used to support and carry culture and cultural ties. Language provides us with many of the categories we use for expression of our thoughts, so it is natural to assume that our thinking is influenced by the language. The principles and levies in the country we grow up in shape the way we think to a certain extent. Culture is indistinguishable allied to language. Without language, culture cannot be completely assimilated nor cannot be efficiently expressed and transmitted. Both language and culture are unified that it is difficult to define the limitations of language and culture, and whether language influences culture or vice-versa. Exploring the relationship between language and culture, we can generally agree that language and culture are meticulously related.
“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture.” (Frantz Fanon) Efforts to keep resources on cultural heritage have gained new momentum throughout the world today. Different themes of culture: shared, learned, symbolic, nature reciprocity, an integrated system, plays an adaptive role in human survival, and dynamic and changeable. Culture is shared by its links us to groups both in the present and in the past. In culture, there are many sides, which and all of them influence what is personally known and the way one makes decisions. And these sides or
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