The Relationship Between Dodie 's Character And The White Race

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One of the most important links between Dodie’s character and the white race as a whole lies in his physical features and attributes. Soon after Dodie is born, Mammy Jane notices a mole behind his ear. She grudgingly concludes that Dodie “should die by judicial strangulation…nevertheless, the warning was a serious thing and not to be lightly disregarded.” (Chesnutt, 10) The irony of her prediction is phenomenal, especially considering the conclusion of the novel. The white community, much like Dodie, was threatened by a similar great danger: the threat of an equal black community. At the same time, the threat was taken seriously, with upmost precaution to make sure that both Dodie and the white race were “saved” from the potential consequences. It is for that reason that Major Carteret works diligently with doctors to ensure his sons life twice in the novel, while at the same time working with General Belmont and Captain McBane to ensure that the black community had no means of rising to office or any other position in society. Thus, just as Dodie is ultimately protected by the influential people around him, the white race is protected from the black race by the white elite.
Beyond the physical attributes, Dodie’s medical condition further portrays the relationship between the black and white races. The first time Dodie falls ill, he “breathed heavily, with a strange, whistling noise.” (Chesnutt, 44) His condition was far from comfortable, and the foreign object rested in…
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