The Relationship Between Employee Satisfaction And Reward Systems

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It is essential for employees to be satisfied in their job in order to have a happy workplace environment. Having a business where employees are happy boost company morale, and increases job performance because employees experience a sense of fulfillment, belonging and appreciation. This qualitative study was conducted to determine whether or not there is a relation between employee satisfaction and reward systems. Also, to what extent does the reward system influence behavior? This study clearly stated their hypotheses and tested it without bias (Galanou et al., 2010). This qualitative study was conducted through a serious of thirty two questions. The content of the questions used in this study were introductory questions to get background information on the employee’s, whether or not employees were happy with the way financial rewards are calculated and disbursed, also if employees felt non financial rewards are more important than financial rewards. Other topics that are questioned are: motivations for working, equity, different perceptions on job satisfaction, if environment has an impact on job satisfaction, and rewards in management control in order to retain employees within the company (Galanou et al., 2010). This study was conducted by interviewing nineteen employees throughout the organization this included secretaries, sales associates, floor managers, middle managers, upper management. All of the mentioned employees were interviewed face to face
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