The Relationship Between Ethnicity And Risk Factor For Eating Disorders

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Rachel Ahn
Psych 38
Professor Krause
Relationship between Ethnicity and Risk Factor for Eating Disorders

The relationship between ethnicity and eating disorder risk factors is a complex issue. There are many other variables that affect these two ideas, such as socioeconomic status, level of educational attainment, and acculturation. Flaws in studies such as unrepresentative and insubstantial sample size, and participation bias still have yet to be corrected for in order to obtain a more accurate understanding of the role ethnicity and its factors plays in eating disorders. Previous studies have suggested that the difference in eating disorder symptoms across ethnicities were negligible; however, the risk factors, such as the internalization of the beauty ideal, stress, economic hardship, and level of education, may vary across ethnicity. This essay will examine the factors that account for the risk for eating disorders in each ethnicity.
The first study sampled 785 middle class Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White adolescent and young adult females from four large public schools and four small private middle schools. The demographic of this heterogeneous sample consisted of 64 Asians (8%), 49 blacks (6%), 108 Hispanics (14%), and 564 Whites (72%). The participants were from 11 to 26 years old, the average being 14 years old. (Shaw & Ramirez, 2004) 470 participants were given psychiatric interviews by trained female college graduates who have majored in psychology. The rest…
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