The Relationship Between Fashion and Lifestyle

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The relationship Between Fashion and Lifestyle
To begin with, I shall look at what fashion is; it is a currently popular style or practice involving clothing, footwear or accessories. It mostly refers to the current trends in looks and dressing style of a person (Cumming 234). In most cases, fashion is confusedly related to costumes; when a person talks of fashion they are seen to mean fashion in terms of textile. Fashion is seen to originate from the Western world and it is copied by other places. In this paper, we shall look at how fashion affects lifestyles and the group of people who are affected most. The paper further investigates how media is used to transmit fashion from one region to the other. Although it has been seen to affect
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Presently, modern Westerners have a wide range of fashions to choose from, it is currently believed that what a person chooses to wear has a lot to tell about their personality. Most of the fashions have been introduced by people who have cultural or social status such as musicians, leaders and to some extent beauty pageants. Although fashion is universal, everybody has his or her own tastes. Fashion is mostly dictated by a person’s age, social class, generation, occupation, geographical location and time (Brook 53). In the case of age, it is very ridiculous to find an old person dressed in the fashion of young people. People who follow fashion blindly are referred to as “fashion victims.” Aisha Shajid asserts that youths are the most affected by fashion; she terms them as slaves to fashion (1). She points out that fashion does not only involve clothing but also language, dancing and music. In addition, she argues that at the teenage age the most important thing is to look fashionable and beautiful. Teenagers are the most active because at this time, one is facing identity crisis as they try to cultivate a sophisticated image. According to her observation, a new fashion for teenagers will be sold within a day; she associates this to the fact that most of the teenagers have part time jobs or have pocket money that they feel extravagant to
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