The Relationship Between Gertrude and Shakespeare's Hamlet Essay

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"O most pernicious woman (1.2.105)!" This proclamation by Hamlet foretells of his ultimate surmise. Hamlet throughout Shakespeare's work is a strong character. It seems that he has the upper hand in every situation. This statement however, is a reflection of weakness. His destruction stems from the inability to accept Claudius as father. More importantly though, his mother's rush to remarry has caused more of inflated persona in Hamlet. His inability to interact with the people around him makes room for a lot of debate. Despite the estrangement, Hamlet is able to expose truths about his nature with Gertrude and Horatio. Gertrude, for whom he related the above quote, is the most intriguing to examine. It is with her that we see a…show more content…
"Frailty thy name is woman (1.2.145-147)!," exclaimed in a soliloquy, best describes how Hamlet feels about his mother. The literal definition of frailty is weakness; especially moral weakness. It is this moral weakness that Hamlet feels his mother possesses. In a way to compensate for this, Hamlet maintains somewhat of a curious temperament. He is "proud, revengeful, and ambitious (3.1.123-126)". Hamlet also exposes some religious convictions that he has. After committing his first murder, in the presence of his mother, he begs repentance. This notion of knowing right and wrong dismisses any notion of insanity in my view. It is also in act 3 where Hamlet unveils any mystery pertaining to the true nature of Claudius rise to the throne. This conversation causes introspection by Gertrude: "O'Hamlet speak to me no more. Thou turnst my eyes into my very soul, And I see such black and grained spots As will not leave their tinct. (3.4.88-91)." After concluding this conversation the queen promises to keep what she has been told a secret. Ultimately, displaying more of the motherly bond toward her son, rather than the responsibility to her husband: "Be thou assur'd if words be made of breath and breath of life, I have no life to breathe What though has said to me (3.4.198-200)." The relationship
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