The Relationship Between Green And Davis

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Lyons Management Consultancy was recently made aware of the strained relationship between a Mr. Frank Davis and a Mr. Thomas Green. It is our firm’s goal to provide recommendations that will diffuse the situation and prevent a scenario that could potentially damage Dynamic Display; we hope to do so while retaining both employees, as they are considerable assets to your company. Therefore, we will analyze the situation, taking into account the leadership styles used by Davis, as well as the potential power and influence factors at play within the company. While doing so, we will evaluate the conflict between Green and Davis, and describe how to de-escalate the situation.
It is worthwhile to note that the case information provided has its limits, and in no way substitutes observing the interactions of Davis and Green firsthand. However, from the breakdown provided, it seems evident that Davis operates using an Authority-Compliance leadership method (Blake/Mouton Leadership Grid). Under such methodology, the leader is results orientated, and attempts to remove the “human element” from business interactions. As such, the process of how work is accomplished is very important to Davis, thus why he criticized Green on his failure to provide the organizational charts on the clients in Raleigh and Charlotte. Davis also seems to lead using transactional leadership (a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” method), which further explains his exasperation with Green’s performance.…
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