The Relationship Between ICT Systems And Information Systems

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(Beynon-Davies, Business information systems, Second Edition, 2013) Says that ICT systems mainly designed to assist and help different aspects of an information system. Therefore, there is a relationship between ICT systems and information systems which are all part of organizations. ICT is used to enhance business processes in so many ways and can do a lot of work. Not only business processes within an organization but also the way people work, obtain and share information. ICT is very important in businesses. According to (Laudon & Laudon, 2015), ICT changes the way organizations work and assist in the new trends in the business field. It is crucial that processes are studied, analyzed and understood in order to have a better understanding…show more content…
By using TPS, information is easily available and helps managers to monitor operations within organization. Information systems must be computerized in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness in an organization. So, TPS are also computerized. (Valacich & Schneider, 2014). For example, At DHL Company, a world leader in logistics, they have a computerized information system that helps clients worldwide to track their shipment and also helps the managers at DHL to control all activities and processes with the organization. If a client asks information or an inquiry such as where does my package reach? The staff in charge at DHL will be able to easily find information and respond to the client due to a computerized system. This supports the operational level of management. Second, we have management Information Systems. This type of information systems supports management level of an organization and it gives them a customized reports and ability to analyze the performance of an organization. With MIS, an organization can predict the outcome of processes and they can easily manage the information that is made by the TPS. (Valacich & Schneider,
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