The Relationship Between Indigenous People In Canada And The Indigenous Nations

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The relationship between the Indigenous people of North America and the monarchies of Western Europe began over three centuries ago after it was realized there was more than fish and fur to be had across the Atlantic Ocean. Indigenous nations inhabited every corner of what is now Canada when France and Britain began to colonize the North East of the continent. Between these European states and many Indigenous nations there was trade, wars fought, treaties written, all of the standard practices of Nation to Nation relationships. Eventually with the defeat of the French imperial power, Britain effectively expanded their empire to include most of North America. The acquirement of those French claimed territories lead to the infamous Royal Proclamation of 1763. From here the relationship between the British Crown and the Aboriginal nations changed monumentally. Today the British Crown has been replaced by the Canadian Crown in Canada, a legally separate entity, as mentioned by Nathan Tidridge (2016) in “The Crown and Indigenous Peoples” (p.1). The relationship between First Nations and Settlers has gone from being between; “Nations and Tribes” (Royal Proclamation of 1763) and the Empire of Britain, to Institutions of the Federal Government (Indian/Indigenous and Northern affairs) and the many First Nations and Inuit Bands of Canada. However; the Proclamation has continued to stand and influence policy and decision making by colonial powers in regard to Aboriginal people in
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