The Relationship Between Internal Communication and Successful Organisations

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However, what does this statement actually mean? In this essay, I hope to break down both concepts of internal communication and successful organisations and then conduct an in-depth analysis on the relationship between internal communication and successful organisations.
What is internal communication?
Literature Reivew
According to Bruce Berger, “Internal communication represents the communication and the interactions among the members of an organization, being defined as a way of describing and explaining a corporation. Internal communication targets the internal members of an organization, including the superiors, the collaborators and the subordinates.” (Kovacs Reka and Anca Borza, 2012, 613 - 630)

This means that internal communications is crucial for creating unity and harmony within an organisation. Through internal communication, employees of an organisation can “exchange information, establish relationships, form systems of values, create an organisational culture, harmonize activities, establish collaboration for the achievement of goals and develop formal and informal networks.” (Kovacs Reka and Anca Borza, 2012, 613 - 630) Another way to look at internal communications would be to define it as a strategic organisational communications and they differ from one organisation to another.

Internal communications happens constantly within organizations and is…
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