The Relationship Between John Proctor and His Wife Is Not an Easy One

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“The relationship between John proctor and his wife is not an easy one” Through close analysis of three scenes discuss Miller’s dramatic presentation of the relationship and how the audience respond to it. Draft
Elizabeth and Johns relationship is certainly not an easy one. Although having been married with two children the intrusion of Abigail could not have come at a worse time. With Elizabeth ill and Abigail’s personality being such a contrast John felt it as an escape from his wife’s absence. The affair that John had with Abigail puts a strain on their relationship creating a physical and emotional divide that the audience easily pick up on. On top of the affair, living in a puritan society which can be demeaning to women makes the
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In turn the audience then resent John for putting Elizabeth in that situation. Still at the Proctors’ house, two officers of the Court arrive to arrest Elizabeth. They search the house and find the poppet, which contains a needle, and Elizabeth learns that Abigail has charged Elizabeth with attempted murder. Poppet’s were seen to be an act of witchcraft, like a voodoo doll in today’s time. Abigail has been stabbed with a needle whilst in the Parris’ house. Proctor pleads with Mary to testify against Abigail in Court because Mary was the person to make the poppet. Mary is reluctant to do this because it would make her at odds with the other girls. She is aware of Proctor’s affair with Abigail but again Proctor again does not wish to face up to his responsibilities and thinks he can make Mary appear in Court against Abigail, but she warns him that Abigail will accuse him of lechery. All too slowly, Proctor has come to the realisation of Abigail’s obsession with him, and this may cost the life of his wife, who is completely innocent. He is angry at his wife’s arrest, and accuses Hale of being like Pontius Pilate, but what he fails to realise is that he too has been like Pontius Pilate, trying to escape involvement in the affair by persuading others to act for him. It is only now that he comes to the conclusion that he will have
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