The Relationship Between Leadership Practices And Communication

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Communication is vital for human connection. As leadership practices in the post bureaucratic era, have changed from a notion of command and control (hard power) to an environment of empowerment and trust relationships between employees and their leaders (soft power), more transmission of messages take place due to these practices such as engaging in discussions, feedback, decision-making and team building. Acknowledging and managing easier means of interaction in organisations results in improved productivity, job satisfaction, loyalty, commitment and more.
This paper will look at the relationship between leadership practices and communication by
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Leaders in the post-era hence aim to achieve these through engaging and development relationship practices. Therefore, appropriate communication mechanisms need to be managed/developed in order to identify, transfer and meet the mutual needs between internal audiences (intraorganisational) as well as used to also extend messages to mass audience (interorganisational) in order to gain brand support. Communications can occur through many channels such as social media, television and press advertisements, emails, and more. So, organisational leaders in the post-era further develop their survey strategies to include studies of their best customers and what satisfies them. Employee morale satisfaction increases as employees hear about the findings on increase customer satisfaction (Whitney 1998). There are many types of leadership styles practices in the post-bureaucratic era. Some of the key practices are to motivate, influence and direct followers to accomplish desired objectives and move towards the goal of the organization. One is the servant leader where the N in servant stands for Networking. Meaning, “the leader manages the transformation and configuration of the diverse network of teams spanning suppliers to customers” (Clegg et al. 2011 pp. 210). In order to involve all relevant stakeholders in the decision –making, sharing ideas and creativity network, appropriate
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