The Relationship Between Learning and Cognition

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Learning is a very important subject in psychology. In order to fully understand how learning takes place in the mind it’s vital that one is able to comprehend the how behavior and learning goes hand in hand. Instrumental and classical conditionings are both learning styles that describe the modification of behavior. The relationships with these traits are needed in order to understand the correlation cognition and learning process. This paper will define the learning process, review the role of behavior in relation to learning, refer to two different types of learning and identify the relationship between learning and cognition. Learning is often defined as a permanent change in behavior which results from the reoccurrence of reinforced practice. This typically refers to learning which produces a consistent change in behavior that takes place with an entity which affects more of a transitory condition such as one’s mood (Heffner). This type of change can happen instantly or over the course of time. At the point where learning indicates a change in the behavioral pattern that identifies the distinction among performance and learning. Learning is often deciphered into behavior that is measurable. Performance refers more to the potential of behavior changing or the practice which is reinforced (Heffner) . Experience and practice are the two man causes and result of a change in a person’s behavior. In order to learn behavior there must be reinforcement a practice of
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