Social Communication And Literacy Achievement Essay

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The Relationship Between Literacy Achievement and Social Communication:
A Review of the Literature

Capstone Research Paper
SLP 6070 Research Methods
Nova Southeastern University
July 24th, 2016

Priya Singh


Schools are social environments in which students learn through collaboration with their teachers and peers (Zins, Bloodworm, Weissberg, & Wallberg, 2003). From a preschool to high school, students are forced to collaborate to lead to the sharing of resources and ideas, clarification of directions, and problem solving strategies for academic success. The purpose of this paper is to present current scientific research findings about the relationship between literacy achievement and social communication skills from referee literature. Method: Eight research articles retrieved from the electronic databases: ERIC (ProQuest) and CINAHL Complete. Results: Recent findings indicate that children’s social communication skills is a predictor of literacy success.

Keywords: Social Communication, social skills, literacy achievement, school success, Social Skills Rating System (SSRS), pragmatics. Introduction
The phenomenon of integrating reading and social skills is not new in public school education (Selman, 2003). What is new, is the recent research of interconnection between literacy and social communication in children. According to ASHA, social cognition, social interaction, pragmatics (verbal and nonverbal communication), and language processing are
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