The Relationship Between Literature And The Natural Environment

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Ecocriticism emerged as a study of the relationship between literature and the natural environment. It is concerned with nature writing and ecological themes. Ecological concerns have been the subject of literature for a long time. The first law of Ecology is that everything is connected to everything else. Ecofeminism is a branch of ecocriticism and emphasizes the interdependence of all life. The aim of ecofeminism is not the same as liberal feminism. Ecofeminist do not seek equality with men but aim for liberation of women as women. It is a movement that draws the connection between the domination of nature and exploitation of women. It is noted that women were the first to protest against environment destruction. They address issues on deforestation, animal rights, etc.
KEY WORDS: Ecofeminism, ecofeminist, patriarchy, destruction, oppression, insensitivity.
Ecofeminism is a term coined in 1974 by the French Feminist Francoise d’ Eaubonne. It is a philosophy and movement born from the union of feminist and ecological thinkers. D’Eaubonne’s description focuses on the similarities or interconnectedness of the way women and nature are treated in paternalistic societies. This idea of a parallel between the treatment of women and treatment of nature is one of the hallmarks of ecofeminism. Ecofeminism emphasizes the interconnectedness of all life.

Ecofeminism is rooted equally in environmentalism and women’s liberation – two powerful movements that flowered
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