The Relationship Between Love And Suffering

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Keishla Hernández Gómez
Patty Sullivan & Rubaba Matin
LC 001
May 1, 2015
The relationship between love and suffering What is love? Love is a stated mind that wishes others to be happy and free from suffering. The more someone loves another, the more suffering they may experience as a result of love because the heart speaks unto the heart. In the novel, Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel, we can see how Tita is condemned to suffering. Since Tita was born, she was in need of love from her mother, but she received love from the maid, Nacha, who took care of her and taught her the relationship between food and love. Nacha couldn’t explain to Tita the relationship between love and suffering. She learned it by herself when her mother, Mama Elena, denied her marriage with Pedro, and she was destined to follow the De La Garza family tradition and take care of her mother until the day she died. Mama Elena’s decision creates a relationship between love and suffering in Tita 's life. Because of her mother’s decisions, Tita suffers from her love for Pedro, from her love for her nephew Roberto, and from her love for her sisters Gertrudis and Rosaura. Tita, the youngest of three sisters in the De la Garza family, suffered from her love for Pedro Muzquiz. She was fifteen years old when she started to feel love for him. “Despite the time that had passed since that evening, she remembered it perfectly: the sounds, the smells, the way her new dress had grazed the freshly…
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