The Relationship Between Manning And Lake

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The First book of the series completely broke me, I couldn’t wait to read book 2. Now that I finally had, I’m a mess. Lake and Manning, their broken love story completely gutted me. I knew it would destroy me, but I didn’t know how much. This book is full of angst. So much emotion and sadness, but yet I couldn’t help but turn with every page. Author Jessica Hawkins really know how to tell a story, because with every look and every want that Manning and Lake felt..I felt Lake. With every page I read Manning and Lake couldn’t stop digging into my heart and soul, the pain that they caused me was so much with everything they couldn’t be for each other.

I wanted to hate Lake’s sister Tiffany. I wanted to drag her and beat her for everything that she was doing, but I couldn’t. Tiffany just wanted someone to care and to pay attention to her and in her eyes it was Manning. She didn’t know what was really between Manning and Lake, she didn’t know she was breaking them in half every time she was with him. Tiffany is still my least favorite character in the series, but everything happening wasn’t her fault fully.
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I wanted to slap him and hug him. He infuriated me at times and other times I just wanted to love him. Lake is my favorite character in the book, she was so young and innocent. She wanted Manning and she knew it right when she met him and she was so loyal, I loved her for that. I love that she stayed a strong and smart, not even Manning could changed that. The story ended with the most heartbreaking cliffhanger, that I’m in such a funk because of it. I want the best for Lake and I hope she gets the happiest ending she deserves. I can’t wait for book 3, OMG October is so far away.
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