The Relationship Between Manufactures And Retailers

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Private labels have developed fast in the last ten years. It becomes product which is well designed with better quality and lower price. It lead the relationship between retailers and manufactures more complex and shift the balance power in retailers ' favor; It also changed consumers ' attitude about quality of own brands and manufacture brands, then created different buying intentions. In the future, it will attract more consumers and become more profitable.

1. Introduction
Retailers branded products mean production that stores put their own names or brands on. They may also be known as different names, such as private label, house brands and own brands. But all of them have one common feature – they are manufactured and brought to market in much the same way as the familiar national brands. (PLMA, not dated) Thanks of the development of international retailing environment, own brands become new opportunities for world retailer developing. Some of them have a great performance in some countries and still have great marketing potential.
The relationship between manufactures and retailers has been changed due to the maturity of private label during the past few years. This passage will depict the development of private label in the last decade, and then evaluate its influence on the relationship between retailers and manufacturers. At last, the effect of house brands upon current consumer buying behavior will be mentioned.

2. Development of
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