The Relationship Between Media Consumption And Eating Disorders

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Are you ever curious about what factors might influence educated women to have an eating disorder? As a female, I’ve always wondered if eating disorders that I have seen affect women are linked to the ideas that the media puts out for women to consume. Advertisements, television shows and magazines are all categorized as media. Female college students are exposed to media on a day to day basis, and would have to live off the grid to get away from its influence. When researching for my answer I was able to find an article titled, “The Relationship Between Media Consumption and Eating Disorders,” which includes a research study, which may or may not prove that there is a relationship between these two things in female college students. Kristen Harrison and Joanne Cantor of the University of Wisconsin–Madison wrote this article by composing it into sections. The first component includes the definitions of the eating disorders that will be included into the study then, the influence of mass media on women. Then the authors talked about a theory called the social learning theory. Lastly, Harrison and Canton write about their research study including their hypothesis, method and results.
Kristen Harrison and Joanne Cantor set out to find if there is a relationship between media consumption and eating disorders, specifically anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa based on media. Anorexia nervosa or anorexia is defined in the article as ”…a potentially life threatening disorder
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