The Relationship Between Meditation and Mental and Physical Health

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Rooting back to its’ ancient times, meditation has been around for thousands of years, especially in the Eastern part of the world and has spread to the Western countries in early 1970s.
Contrary to what I initially believe meditation is, prior to taking this course, which is the mental concentration on something, meditation is actually a thoughtless awareness of an individual’s surroundings. Dhyana, the generic Sanskrit term for meditation is so much more than being alone with one’s thoughts, it is about the state of mind being calm but alert.
Sogyal Rinpoche in The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying said that it is through meditation that you are able to go on a journey to discover yourself, paving the way to enlightenment.1
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This will lead to a better memory and the ability to recall facts faster.

According to studies by Chiesa and Seretti, 2009 and Hassed, 1996, meditation also relieves stress and seems to be an effective way to increase overall general well-being as it reduces the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.5,6

Bloomberg also reported a study by John Denninger, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School showing that meditation also wards of diseases.7
Meditation boosts the immune system, making people who practice it less susceptible to falling sick.

Where & when will I meditate?

Ideally, the rooftop, by the private pool or the balcony would also be good locations to carry out the meditation, as it is secluded, quiet and tranquil so that I can truly be with myself. I should also draw up a schedule to allocate time to meditate in a comfortable, quiet and safe environment such as my apartment to truly enjoy the meditation. I should also always make it a point to not rush through my meditation as it lowers the effectiveness of it. If I were to be busy, I would not force myself to meditate because it would not be sincere.
I will meditate early in the morning, as it is the quietest time of
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