The Relationship Between Music And Society

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The relationship between music and society is an exceptionally powerful and crucial one. In some cases, this relationship is viewed as one that is harmonious and beneficial to large communities of people. However, that exact relationship could also be scrutinized as one that is extremely discordant to other communities. Green Day happens to fall precisely in the middle of that musical spectrum, depending on who is asked. Regardless of opinion, songs are much more than just music and are essentially retained as pieces of history. These songs help showcase the trends, behaviors, and even struggles of different time periods. With that being said, one may ask “What all did the musical group Green Day contribute to society?”. Green Day is a pop punk/alternative rock band formed in 1986. The band consists of three members: Billie Joe Armstrong (lead singer), Mike Dirnt (bass and backing vocals), and Tré Cool (drums and percussion). The band known as Green Day originally formed in Berkeley, California by Armstrong and Dirnt, and was initially titled Sweet Children. The two were only fourteen years old at the time they founded their band. In 1988, Lookout! Records owner, Larry Livermore, signed a deal with the group to be part of his label. Shortly after being signed, the band’s name was changed to Green Day as a result of Armstrong’s and Dirnt’s love for marijuana (also to prevent confusion with another west coast pop punk band, Sweet Baby). Despite a couple minor EP releases and
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