The Relationship Between Nutrition And Its Effects On Health And Well Being Through Randomized Experiment With Control And Treatment Groups

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The proposed study aims to examine the relationship between nutrition and its effects on health and well being through a randomized experiment with control and treatment groups. There are several studies that research the relationship between nutrition and aging and show the promising affects. In this study, different types of nutritional diets will be examined and implemented in an intervention plan. Two plans will be implemented to cater to those of high and low socioeconomic status. One hundred and twenty participants will be split between the two groups. Within the two groups there will be a treatment group and control group. They will follow their assignment for duration of three months. They will be required to take part in…show more content…
However, there is limited research on the direct link between dietary choices and well being (Blanchflower, 2013). Many studies completed have looked at the link between certain types of nutrients and effects on health including antioxidants, vitamin B, and many others. In this study, researchers will look at similar nutrient components found in certain foods and drinks and implement an intervention with said foods. Researchers will focus on the roles of foods like fruits and vegetables, water, and sugar. Research conducted on fruits and vegetables consumption show evidence for the existence of a positive association between health leading to better well-being (Blanchflower, 2013). Furthermore, there has been evidence showing the absorption of dietary flavonoids in humans and the contributions of flavonoids to the antioxidant capacity measured in fruits and vegetables. This sates, phytochemicals are a source of dietary antioxidants and may be responsible for the health benefits observed with increased consumption of fruits and vegetables (Prior, 2000). It’s a known fact that water is essential to life. Research orchestrated on water shows the importance of water consumption and issues with lack of water intake on the body. It is stated, “water is quantitatively the most important nutrient” and has show major effects inside and outside the body (Popkin, 2010).”
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