The Relationship Between Oklahomans and Native Americans Essays

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The Relationship Between Oklahomans and Native Americans

I. Introduction

When the name Oklahoma is mentioned, there are certain things that come to the minds of many people and one of those things are Native Americans. Native Americans and Oklahoma share a special bond that neither one of them ever thought would come into fruition. This special bond between Native Americans and Oklahoma is something that started with great hesitance but has blossomed into something great. During this paper, the evolution of this relationship between Native Americans and Oklahoma will be discussed. Oklahomans and Native Americans share a mutual respect relationship that has blossomed very much so.

II.) Introduction to Native Americans
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The white man would soon take the territory that these Native Americans were so proud about and fought each other for with great respect from them. All Native Americans were very different and not the same, however, when it came to their relationship with the “white man” all the Native Americans were treated the same.
III.) Arrival of the White Man

When the “white man” first arrived on this country that had previously just been occupied by Native Americans the “white man” was very friendly to the Native American. Native Americans seemed to regard their lighter-complexioned visitors as something of a marvel, not only for their dress, beards, and winged ships but even more for their technology-steel knives and swords, fire-belching arquebus (a portable firearm of the 15th and 16th centuries) and cannon, mirrors, hawk bells and earrings, copper and brass kettles, and other items unusual to the way of life of Native Americans. Before the arrival of the Europeans, there was an estimated total of eleven million Native Americans in North America. So the Native Americans outnumbered the “white man” by far, not trying to say that the Native Americans would have all band together and tried to keep the “white man” from entering their country because the Native Americans were spread out all over North America. Another reason the Native Americans did not try and fight all the “white men” who entered the country is because of the “white mans” nice gestures.
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