The Relationship Between Peer Victimization And Academic Achievement

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I have been reading about the relationship between peer victimization (bullying, cyberbullying, and/or other types of abuse) and academic achievement. By design, I chose studies that were each focused on a participant groups of a different age.
Gaining a deeper understanding of these potential connections would be valuable to anyone involved in creating positive environments where children and teens can learn and thrive. Specific stakeholders who might benefit include parents, family members, caregivers, educators, policymakers, mental health professionals, and nonprofit organizations. Participants in the study conducted by Schwartz, Gorman, Nakamoto, and Toblin (2005) were third and fourth grade students. The combined results
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Physical victimization was reported to be 17%. Social manipulation and property attacks were each reported to be 16%. While Schwartz et al. (2005) demonstrated a broad link between peer victimization and academic achievement with third and fourth grade students, Morrow et al. (2014) revealed relationships between more specific variables among the fifth grade participants:
• Victimization types: Overall achievement was negatively connected only to the peer/social manipulation the participants reported. No other victimization type seemed to have a detrimental impact on achievement.
• Reactivity variables: Based on the fifth grade students responses to 27 emotion words, social manipulation was the only reactivity variable that related to academic achievement. Morrow et al. (2014) found no other victimization or reactivity variables that correlated to reading and math achievement. These findings surprised them.
Middle school students were the participants in a study conducted in 2014, by Totura, Karver, and Gesten. Their results indicated that student achievement is the factor that most directly impacts academic achievement. However, because victimization seems to have a relationship to psychological distress which, in turn, has a relationship to student engagement, which then has an impact on academic
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